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Loved ones faced with disabling conditions can now be treated close to home, bringing peace of mind to families and making travel one less thing to be concerned with during the recovery phase.

Close to home. 

When the ability to function safely is impaired due to an illness or injury, our bodies suffer, along with our sense of well-being.  The new Inpatient Rehab Unit at Iberia Medical’s North campus, is committed to restoring physical independence for patients in Iberia Parish and beyond.

Return to a more fulfilling quality of life

All aspects of patient are overseen by the Medical Director and other key physicians. These doctors are responsible for coordinating the overall treatment program. 

Our team is your team.

Rehabilitation nursing staff is responsible for providing 24-hour care, support and education regarding medical needs and status.

Physical therapists provide skilled training and education to improve your functional mobility and prepare you for a safe return home. 

Occupational therapists provide skilled training and education to improve your ability to perform everyday life skills. 

Speech therapists provide skilled training and education in assessing your cognitive, problem solving and swallowing needs. 

  • 14 spacious, all private rooms 

  • Multidisciplinary, custom approach to care 

  • Experienced nursing and therapy staff providing exceptional outcomes and satisfaction

  • State-of-the-art equipment and patient monitoring systems 

  • Individually tailored discharge planning for all patients 

Ready to care for you. 

  • Stroke 

  • Brain Injury 

  • Spinal Cord Injury 

  • Hip Fractures and Other Orthopedic Conditions 

  • Major Multiple Trauma 

  • Amputations 

  • Joint Replacements 

Common diagnoses admitted to the unit

For more information about inpatient rehabilitation services at Iberia Medical, call 337.359.4568

The Inpatient Rehab Unit is conveniently located at the Iberia Medical Center North Campus at 600 N. Lewis Street.  

North Campus

600 North Lewis Street
New Iberia, LA 70563


Hours: M-F 6:00am - 4:00pm

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