Hospitalists are physicians dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients. Hospitalists engage in clinical care, teaching, research, or leadership in the field of general hospital medicine. In addition to managing the clinical problems of acutely ill, hospitalized patients, hospitalists work to enhance patient care by:

  • Providing prompt and complete attention to all patient care needs including diagnosis, treatment, and the performance of medical procedures within their scope of practice.
  • Employing quality and process improvement techniques.
  • Collaborating, communicating, and coordinating with all physicians and healthcare personne
  • l caring for hospitalized patients.
  • Safely transitioning patient care within the hospital, and from the hospital to the community, which may include oversight of care in post-acute care facilities.
  • Efficient use of hospital and healthcare resources.

Inpatient Surgery Unit

The Inpatient Surgery Unit is located on the fourth floor.  All surgical services units work closely with physicians to deliver quality care to our community and the surrounding areas.

Although all surgical procedures do not require stays in the hospital, there are many proceudres that will require an inpatient stay of one or more days.  In addition, an inpatient stay may be required after a surgical procedure for patients hospitalized with more acute illnesses. Our dedicated staff will provide quality care in a comfortable atmosphere to ensure a thorough recovery.

Intensive Care Unit

State-of-the-art care for patients who require constant observation, nursing care and/or life support.

The ICU staff includes a combination of specialized RNs, LPNs and telemetry technicians who are responsible for caring for the most critical patients in the hospital.  They are a highly competent group of individuals who provide stablizing and life-saving care on a daily basis.


Maternal-Child Unit

The Maternal-Child Unit consists of 4-bed labor and delivery unit.  All labor, delivery and recovery rooms are completely equipped with perinatal central monitoring, fetal monitoring, radiant warming, emergency supplies for adult and infant resuscitation and all supplies for vaginal delivery and preparation for c-section.  C-sections take place in the operating suite on the fourth floor.  The Maternal-Child Unit is capable of caring for a variety of obstetrical patients from normal vaginal deliveries to high-risk care, emergency deliveries, patient stabilization, and maternal and infant transport.

The Nursery is adjacent to the Labor & Delivery area, available for up to 10 infants. Radiant warmers and cardiopulmonary and pulse oximetry monitors are utilized to transition the newborn to extra-uterine life. The nursery is completely equipped with all emergency supplies to stabilize a newborn in preparation for transfer to a Level III nursery if necessary.

The obstetrical-gynecological wing consists of 9 private rooms accommodating a variety of patients. Newly delivered mothers and pregnant mothers are cared for on this unit. Pregnant patients requiring intrapartum surveillance include gestational diabetes, PIH, Pre eclampsia, premature labor, and hyperemesis. In addition, women receiving various gynecological procedures, treatments, or surgery are cared for on this unit. Common diagnoses includes vaginal or abdominal hysterectomy, anterior/posterior repair, rectocele/enterocele repairs, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other pelvic infections requiring hospitalization.

This same wing accommodates pediatrics utilizing infant cribs, pediatric beds and/or regular hospital beds for pediatric patients from newborn to age 16 years old. The most frequently observed diagnoses are bronchiolitis, pneumonia, asthma, sickle cell crisis, and gastrointestinal disorders.

All staff members are cross-trained to function and/or assist all areas of the maternal-child unit.  Care on the Maternal/Child Unit is based on the AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses) Standard of Practice.

Medical Unit

The Medical Unit is a 40-bed unit serving patients ranging from adolescents to geriatrics.  Our compassionate staff that consists of registered nurses, LPNs, CNAs and unit secretaries is dedicated to delivering the best quality care to our patients and their families.  They are highly motivated and trained to care for all special needs and diagnoses such as strokes, heart attacks, congestive heart failure, and pneumonia.  Our medical unit staff is dedicated to high quality, personalized care to ensure that every patient has a "healthy" visit at Iberia Medical Center.