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Family, friends and team members gathered on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 to formally recognize and congratulate Frank Do, Rehab Tech, recipient of the Wilbur Allain Memorial Stellar Award.


Frank graduated college with a degree in Finance but his career path took a turn after he became the primary caregiver of his parents as their health deteriorated.  His personal journey of dedicating himself to providing them care inspired him to pursue a career in the medical field after their passing.  He volunteered for months in the hospital with the therapy team before becoming an employee. He was eventually hired on as a Rehab Technician and quickly learned the job duties of that role.  He has progressed to our lead Rehab Technician in our outpatient setting, excelling in both clinical and non- clinical capacities. He has constant, unwavering dedication and steadfast work ethic, rarely missing work or taking time off. 


As his nomination stated, “Within our Rehab Center, he embodies a sense of belonging akin to his own home as he fixes anything that he can without hesitation and even serving as our emergency plumber” even after his normal working hours.  “I have never heard him utter the words “that is not my job.” I know that if I ask for his help, I can count on him to follow through without hesitation” says Courtney Dore, Rehab Services Manager. Frank not only treats the Rehab Center like his home by making sure all is kept tidy and functional, but he treats his coworkers and patients like his own family. 


This award is dedicated to our clinical personnel who consistently demonstrate excellence in patient care, embodying the highest standards of professionalism, compassion, and expertise. Named after Wilbur Allain, a revered figure in our organization who epitomized dedication to clinical excellence, this award aims to recognize and celebrate the outstanding efforts of our clinical staff and direct caregivers.

Wilbur Allain Memorial Stellar Award Presented

Jun 13, 2024

Iberia Medical Center

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