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Rooming-In during your hospital stay helps new moms prepare for going home with baby. New moms like the idea of getting as much sleep as possible after delivery, and it can be appealing to send your baby to the nursery to get some rest. Research indicates that new mothers are just as likely to get the same amount of rest with baby in the room. Additionally, rooming-in helps to establish a routine with your baby as well.

This is a wonderful time to bond with your new baby and start to recognize cues. Babies are able to recognize their parent’s voice, smell and heartbeat. Having your baby with you helps your baby relax. Rooming-in provides opportunities to learn about your baby’s behaviors and cues.

Benefits for Mom:

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved confidence in caring and handling your baby

  • Early identification of baby’s feeding cues

  • Baby less likely to be ‘fussy’

  • Great opportunity for skin-to-skin bonding

Benefits for Baby:

  • Better sleep. Helps with developing a regular sleep routine cycle.

  • More stable body temperatures

  • May improve contentment and reduce crying

  • More stable blood sugar

  • Increased breastfeeding time

  • Lower levels of stress hormones

  • Exposure to normal bacteria on mother’s skin, which may protect baby from becoming sick

The Maternal / Child Care Team at Iberia Medical Center practices rooming-in for new moms, and it is an expectation. Our experienced team will guide you through delivery. More information about delivering at IMC: 337.374.7535.

Rooming-In: Many Benefits for Mom and Baby!

Jun 2, 2023

Iberia Medical Center

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