• "My mother was hospitalized for 2 nights at IMC-Main campus. She expressed to me how nice and personable the staff was while she was there. Thanks for taking care of her in such a professional manner!"

    — Todd Saunier

  • "S/O to Dr. Mcinnis and David with Iberia Medical Center ER for giving our girl top notch care tonight! Dealing with a dramatic 7 year old who needs a nice set of sutures was no easy task! But they handled her with more patience and compassion than I could've ever asked for and way more than I, as her own mother, could even give. They gave her plenty of breaks, battled thru her anxiety attack, and explained things to her a lot 'nicer' than this Momma ever would have. These two guys were amazing tonight, and I can't even begin to thank them enough for being so patient with my girl! "

    — Ariel Hoffpauir LeBlanc

  • "Amazing hospital. Wonderful care and treatment received during my stay. Highly recommended."

    — Kim Guillory

  • "Compassionate doctors and nurses!"

    — Mallory O'Brien Talley

  • "This is my first rehab experience, so I have nothing to compare but I can say that everyone at the North Campus rehab present a professional atmosphere. The facility is clean and orderly and patient services are done in a timely manner. I don’t see anyone wanting to have their rehab anywhere else. I couldn’t be more pleased."

    — Tim Soileau

  • "Iberia Medical took great care of me. They were very attentive, informative and empathetic to not only my needs but my wife’s as well. Always asking if we needed anything and extremely caring."

    — Yohannes Berard