POSTED: 10/8/2021

Very Special Donation

October 8, 2021

The Kiwanis Club of New Iberia recently donated a Cuddle Cot to Maternal/ Child services at Iberia Medical Center. The donation was in the name of two-year-old Thomas Allen Cestia, who passed away in June.  Tyler and Pam Cestia, parents of Thomas Allen, were in attendance at the donation ceremony and talked about the importance and significance of the donation for other parents and to them personally.

A cuddle cot is an invaluable support resource for bereaved parents before they leave the hospital without their baby or through the funeral home when saying their final goodbye. It is a cooling system that has been designed to fit within a small cot and lies beneath their baby. It enables families to say hello to their baby, keeping them close as they shower them with love and create those special memories they will cherish forever. Spending as much uninterrupted time as they need without the worry or distress to keep handing their baby back to staff, is a gift for families before saying their final goodbye.

In attendance at the donation reception (l to r): 
Dr. Jodie, Gwin, IMC Ob/GYN,  Jillian Henry, RN, IMC Maternal/Child Services, Ella Gilbert, LPN, IMC Maternal/Child Services, Beth Forbus, President and Founder of Sarah's Laughter - the organization that helped facilitate the donation, Pam Cestia, Tyler Cestia, Cindy Herring, Kiwanis Club Past President,  Ryan Champagne, Kiwanis Club President, Dr. Damian Delhomme, IMC Ob/GYN and Sandy Morein, Chief Nursing Officer, Iberia Medical Center