Iberia Medical Center: Safety Star Award Recipient

POSTED: 2/13/2023

Iberia Medical Center: Safety Star Award Recipient

Monday, February 13, 2023

Iberia Medical Center was formally recognized by Louisiana Hospital Association Trust Funds (LHA Trust Funds) as a recipient of the prestigious Safety Star Award for 2022.  The Safety Star Award is presented to three outstanding healthcare facilities and one physician's office or healthcare clinic demonstrating a organization-wide commitment to quality and patient safety.

The facilities and practice implemented successful enhancements in healthcare violence prevention programs and new processes or innovative ideas that improve patient safety. 

By working together, administration, staff, and providers created the IMC Workplace Violence Program to ensure the hospital would remain a safe healing place for all. Iberia Medical Center also invested in facility security by upgrading surveillance cameras, and monitoring stations, and increasing security presence.

In addition to the award and statewide recognition, Iberia Medical Center received a check for $10,000 from LHA Trust Funds for these safety program efforts.

Learn more about Iberia Medical Center's commitment and program: https://lhatrustfunds.com/grants-and-awards/safety-star-award