Kristy Parker has been named WellnessWorks Corporate Health Consultant for Iberia Medical Center.

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Kristy Parker has been named WellnessWorks Corporate Health Consultant for Iberia Medical Center. - Friday, November 21, 2014

Kristy Parker has been named WellnessWorks Corporate Health Consultant for Iberia Medical Center.

Kristy is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the WellnessWorks program, a complimentary program designed to work hand-in-hand helping local business and industry control their employee health care costs.

 The four components that make up the WellnessWorks program are:

1.)   Prevention Services, such as pre-employment and random drug screenings, flu shots and health topics.

2.)   Injury Intervention, cost effective return-to-work strategies.

3.)   Service Coordination, centralized phone number to assist employers with tracking worker's compensation cases and scheduled medical appointments.

4.)   Wellness Promotion, education for the workforce regarding health plans and using available benefits.

Kristy, a native of Acadiana and living in New Iberia for the past 6 years, has an extensive range of skills and years of hands on experience in communication, marketing, networking, customer relationship management, and community involvement.  She is highly organized and has communication expertise including public speaking and project management.   She previously served as property manager, Board of Directors, President, and business owner and she is a very active community supporter.

 For more information, contact Kristy Parker or Service Coordination at (888) 977-3319.

 A Word from Your New CHC 

November 12, 2014

 Dear Valued Client,

I hope you and your employees are staying healthy and safe as we progress into the new 2015 year. If I have not had a chance to come out and meet you, I am the new Corporate Health Consultant for Iberia Medical Center. I am looking forward to learning more about your business and what ways we can assist you with controlling escalating healthcare costs as it relates to General Health and Workers' Compensation.

WellnessWorks is the division of Iberia Medical Center that focuses on YOU, the employer, providing occupational health, wellness, safety and service coordination services to local business. By partnering with employers, WellnessWorks helps you administer employee healthcare services through one centralized program, like "one-stop shopping" for your business. A few examples of occupational services available to employers are drug screening, physicals, annual health events, flu shots, CPR certification, proper lifting talks, and many more.

WellnessWorks has aided businesses and industries with controlling healthcare costs in the community for more than fifteen years, with many satisfied clients. As a community hospital, IMC realizes that this unique program can play an important role in the local economy by teaming up with business and industries to create a healthy and safe workforce.

Again, I am excited to begin working with you and your employees. I will be in touch to see when I may stop in to personally introduce myself. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to let me know if I can assist you with anything.


 Kristy Parker

Kristy Parker

Corporate Health Consultant

WellnessWorks of Iberia Medical Center


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