Iberia Medical Center Opens New Outpatient Flow Area

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Iberia Medical Center Opens New Outpatient Flow Area - Friday, January 17, 2014

Iberia Medical Center hosted members of the community at its ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open a new Outpatient Flow Area. The new service area is comprised of individual registration rooms, a short-term waiting area and a nearby drawing room for lab work and EKGs.

According to Amy Gaudet, Patient Financial Services Director, "Patients present to the front lobby to check in, and complete their registration in cubicles that are more spacious, can better accommodate wheelchairs, and offer greater privacy. They then only have to walk diagonally across the hall to the waiting area for lab work and most x-rays. The renovations centralize the areas a patient visits for the most common outpatient services, reducing confusion and wait times. The decision to streamline the process was prompted by comments directly from patients and from patient satisfaction surveys, indicating that the procedure was confusing and cumbersome.

"Patient registration was located in the hospital's front lobby. The area was comfortable, but patients had to walk to the back of the hospital for lab and radiology tests. Patients still present to the front lobby, but the registration and waiting areas are more conveniently located, explained Jolene Duchamp, Manager of Lab and Medical Imaging Services.

In the waiting area, patients are greeted by a receptionist who processes their orders, and is available to keep them informed and answer questions; x-ray rooms and a new lab drawing room are nearby. The drawing room is spacious and furnished with comfortable drawing chairs. In addition to lab work, EKG techs utilize the drawing room for patient needing that test as well.

With changes in health care, outpatient volumes are expected to continue rising. Iberia Medical Center is working within the shifting environment to enhance the patient experience, partnering with Press Ganey, a leader in patient satisfaction." We take our patients concerns very seriously, stated IMC's Chief Operations Officer Shane Myers. "When our patient satisfaction surveys indicated that our patients wanted to move from registration, to waiting area, to procedure room without going across the hospital, we worked to revamp our process and renovate our facility to make it more convenient and private for our patients.


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