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Security Guard - Relief
This position is: As Needed Basis
Position Location: Iberia Medical Center
Effectively  make decisions concerning the safety, health and comfort of all patients, visitors and staff while on premises of all the facility’s properties. Maintain the security of hospital facilities and grounds of institutions by preventing crime and vandalism; Maintain traffic and parking control and enforcement of traffic and parking regulations. Makes rounds of inspection at fixed intervals and reports in by means of radio or other devices; performs monthly inspection of all fire extinguisher and documents as such.; sees that doors and windows are properly shut and locked; prevents the admittance to the premises of unauthorized persons; investigates unusual conditions and immediately reports them to his Supervisor; Turns out lights; prevents damage to Hospital property and enforces various Hospital Rules and Requirements; inspects and documents electrical devices, plumbing, heating, and other equipment for proper adjustment. Required to climb stairs in high-rise office buildings to inspect security conditions on rooftops and/or to raise and lower flags on rooftops and other locations.


To apply online, email your resume to



    •  High School Diploma or GED equivalent

    • Training in de-escalation techniques such as Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI); must be able to register within one year of accepting position.



    • Prior registration with the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners preferred; must be able to register within one year of accepting position.



  • Must have attained eighteenth birthday at time of appointment.

  • Will be required to possess a valid Louisiana driver's license at time of appointment.

  • An applicant who has been convicted of a felony or who is under indictment on a felony charge will be disqualified until relief from the disabilities imposed by state and federal laws is granted



    • 2 years previous security or police experience required




    • Must have a good general knowledge of security procedures.

    • Must be able to monitor alarm boards for signs of disturbances.

    • Must be able to perform simple maintenance reporting on departmental equipment including boilers, chillers, and other Plant equipment; able to communicate to key Plant Operations personnel vital operational abnormalities.


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