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This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Iberia Medical Center

Responsible for the café and doctor’s lounge hot lines items.

  • Prepares soups each day for café and doctor’s lounge. If necessary, can batch cook soups and freeze. 

  • Maintains proper temperature of hot items. Taking temperatures at various times during service.  Always maintaining quality and quantity of food served. Monitors food production assuring HACCP conditions are maintained.

  • Clean and sanitize work station daily.  Including, prep table (top and bottom), prep table drawer, oven, seasoning area and any other equipment if used. Must have green bucket with hot soapy water and sanitizer bottle with clean rags ready at your position every day.

  • Work with inventory control supervisor to develop and implement cafe and doctor’s lounge menus. This includes using the computer to create menus. This position will be responsible for ensuring a menu is posted in the doctor’s lounge daily. Follow the doctor’s lounge steamtable schematic daily. Do not veer from schematic without approval.

  • Supervision of Café:

    • Chef must ensure all areas are ready and zoned for service daily, including desserts, hot-line, grill, salad/soup bar, and pizza station.

    • Throughout all café and doctor’s lounge meal services, this position will periodically check the hot lines making sure there is an adequate amount of food available and cook more food if needed.

    • Chef will supervise Café staff including Cashiers, Grill, Cooks, Pizza prep. Café staff will go report to Café Chef with any issues during the shift.

    • During staff shortages, Chef will be in charge of delegating duties to working staff to ensure continuity of service.

  • Ordering responsibilities:

    • Use printed order guides to inventory/determine what is needed for café, doctor’s lounge, and catering requests.

    • Use US Foods inventory guide to document quantities needed and supply detailed list of other items required.

    • Order Produce (cap city produce) on Mondays and Fridays.

    • During food delivery days. This position will responsible for organizing deliveries for the freezer and walk-in cooler. Every day maintaining all carts and shelves in the walk-in cooler. This includes but not limited to: checking that all items are labeled and dated, rotating raw meat items, ensuring meat items are being defrosted properly, changing out defrosting pans every three days. Raw meats are stored properly and in the correct order on the shelves, this position also ensures that all other food items are properly stored in the appropriate areas preventing cross contamination. Utilize food items from the cooler to integrate into the menu to prevent waste.

  • Your primary area of responsibility is the walk-in cooler and freezer


  • Catering Functions:


    • Responsible for cooking for all functions

    • Plan function menus 1 week in advance for ordering purposes.

    • Verify functions & be sure supervisors and staff are aware

    • Setup All AM functions. Discuss food w/ Patient chef on schedule and assist as needed.

    • Send resume/application to



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